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 About Us 

As an insurance agency specializing in employee benefits, we believe that our first and most important function is to provide superlative service at all levels.  We achieve that level of service by doing everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations regarding plan design, program implementation, ongoing review and the cost effectiveness of your benefit program.  As a client, you deserve a full range of benefits planning, market research and analysis services in order to provide a quality program that satisfies the needs of your employees while respecting your budgetary concerns.

To achieve our goal of providing you with the best service in the employee benefits field, we follow what we call the “Family Rule.”  That rule simply states that we view each situation as though it was affecting a member of our own family.  Our actions are then guided by doing whatever we would do personally for a member of our own family.

That means that we continually provide thorough research, careful planning and in-depth analysis of your benefits requirements, because we have to live with the results.  It also means that we select quality, reliable suppliers of benefits who price their services fairly.  And, it means that we stand with each employee to ensure that they receive the maximum benefits available to him or her.

Our actions are always guided but what is in your best interest—because we know that we have to earn the right to represent you by working harder and smarter than anyone else.  We pride ourselves in our ability to do more than other agents do – and to do those things that other agents will not do – in order to provide you with superior service.

As a smaller firm, we are better able to respond quickly to your needs, with a flexibility and intensity unheard of in larger organizations.  We develop a personal relationship with each client, which allows us to enhance our ability to respond effectively to your specific needs.  And, you work with people who care that you are satisfied with the service that you receive.  At Copeland Insurance Services, Service is Our Most Important Policy.

As a client, you get personal attention to those needs – we follow your agenda and your timetable.  Your employees are treated as valued individuals who are entitled to prompt and accurate service every time they have a question or a concern.

We understand that your benefits program is an important component of your compensation package and that superb service is essential to maintain employee morale.  By being separate from your firm, we are able to help your employees with any confidential or personal problems that they may have.

We take our responsibility seriously.  You are hiring us as an adjunct to your personnel department.  We work for you and your employees at all times.  We will keep you apprised of developments, whether legal or benefits related, which impact your benefits program.  It is hard work and we are up to the challenge.

Our services include:

ANALYSIS:  Initially, we help you assess your goals in establishing a comprehensive benefits program.  Joint strategic planning of your benefits program involves review of your company compensation and benefits objectives.  This is accomplished in conjunction with a review of your existing program, results of employee satisfaction surveys and industry practices.  Each year, we extensively review your benefits programs to make certain that your goals are being met.  When changes are indicated, we work with you to determine the appropriate changes and to implement them quickly and easily.

We continually research the benefits marketplace to ensure that we are aware of the latest trends in benefit plans.  We meet with industry representatives to review new plan designs, managed care programs and underwriting issues to provide you with ideas for improvements in your benefits package.  We also present your ideas to insurance carriers as a means to improve their products and services.

  Whenever a change in your benefits program occurs, it is critical that your employees are updated quickly and completely.  We hold employee meetings, supplemented by written handouts and benefits summaries, to provide each employee or dependent an opportunity to understand the change.  We encourage questions regarding coverage because the more your employees know about their benefits, the more that they will appreciate them.

ADMINISTRATION:  We realize that the only way you will be happy with your benefits program is if the administration goes smoothly.  We consider carrier service issues as part of technical assessment of a provider before making a recommendation.  Further, we make sure that your staff is familiar with the enrollment, termination and billing procedures of each carrier and will personally train new staff, if desired.

: Unfortunately, government regulations regarding employee benefits are complicated and confusing.  And, they often change with little notice.  We provide you with up to date information on government requirements, including COBRA, Section 125, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). 

ASSISTANCE:  We assist your employees with any claims problems that they may have, including how to handle a questionable claim.  We encourage your employees to call us regarding coverage issues, explanation of benefits (EOBs) or co-ordination of benefits.  We help employees and their medical providers with pre-certification requirements when hospitalization is needed.

You will receive updates on legislative developments, whether from California or the Federal government.  As a result, you will be able to plan more effectively for upcoming changes and may be able to influence the ultimate outcome of proposed legislation.  Changes in managed care, healthcare delivery and benefit trends will also be reported.


Bob Copeland, President and Founder
Bob founded Copeland Insurance Services in 1984 as an agency dedicated to providing clients with the best information and service possible regarding health insurance plans. He is an active member of the Golden Gate Association of Health Underwriters, the North Coast Association of Health Underwriters, the Northern California Employee Benefits Council and has served on the Broker Advisory Councils for several insurance companies.

Our web site is also available 24/7 to accommodate your busy schedule. Please bookmark our website, and visit us often. We look forward to hearing from you.

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