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 Long Term Care Insurance 

There’s a 50 percent chance that a typical American will need some type of long-term care after age 65. And the cost of long-term care can quickly deplete your savings. In California, the cost of long term care can exceed $160 each day. In some cities, the average cost is more than $300 per day. Even home health care can be expensive. The cost of having a home health aide visit just three days a week can cost more than $20,000 annually.

Even those younger than 65 should consider long-term care insurance. The reality is that 40 percent of patients receiving long-term care are under age 65.

While long-term care insurance is right for many people, it's certainly not for everyone. We can help you evaluate your needs and, if it makes sense for you to invest in long-term care insurance, we can help you find the right policy for you. Call us today at (800) 339-6137 or (415) 461-6137 for a free evaluation.

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