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 Health Insurance 

Since 1984, we have helped thousands of Californians select the best health plan for their needs. 

We do this by helping you understand the differences between various insurance companies and their many plan designs and allowing you to select the plan which combines the best benefits with an affordable cost.  We also stand with you to ensure that your claims are paid fairly and that you receive the most benefit form your coverage. 

However, selecting the right health plan can be complicated.  There are many choices which can serve your needs.  In order to choose the best plan, please ask yourself the following questions:

1. How much can I afford in out of pocket exposure? 

When you buy an insurance plan, the most important feature is the one that limits your share of costs in the event of a catastrophic medical claim.  Some plans limit your maximum cost to $3,000; other plans could cost you $7,500.

2. Which doctors or hospital do you want to use?

PPO plans allow you to use any doctor or hospital that you choose.  You will receive more coverage when you stay within the PPO network but you do have the ability to see doctors or hospitals outside your PPO network for lower levels of reimbursement.   HMO plans limit you to a particular primary care doctor who will then refer you to any needed specialist care.

3. How much do you want to pay for doctor visits or prescription drugs? 

The cost of a simple doctor visit or a prescription varies greatly between plans.   Ask yourself whether it makes sense for you to choose a plan with low doctor copays or low drug copays if you only see the doctor 2-3 times a year.  In our opinion, you should select the plan that will be best for you if you really get sick or have a major accident.  You can probably afford the first $500 a year in claims regardless of which plan you select.  The question to ponder:  Is this the plan I would choose if I have a large claim?

4. Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans

Would a high deductible plan with lower monthly costs make sense for you?  If you usually have low claims, the answer is yes.  An HSA-eligible plan allows you to win three ways.

  • You win when you don’t have claims because the monthly cost of insurance is low compared to other plans;
  • You win if you have a maximum claim because the your worst case out-of-pocket costs are lower than many other plans, and
  • You win when you fund your health savings account because it allows you to pay for your medical claims on a pre-tax basis.

5. Need a quote for a small business? 

Please click here for a Small Group Quote Request form.  We can typically get you a quote the same day you request one.

6. Need coverage for a short-term period? 

Waiting for your group coverage to begin?  Just left a job with health coverage and don’t want to take COBRA?  Please click the Individual Health Quote button for information on short-term health policies.

7. Have enough information to go ahead on your own? To obtain an insurance quote instantly, please click on the Individual Health Quote button.

8. Have more questions?  Call us.  We want to help.

We want you to pick the best plan for your needs.  Insurance can be tricky – there’s where our 22 years of experience can benefit you.  You don’t have to explore your options alone – we are here to help you.  You can reach us on Mondays through Fridays between 8:00 Am and 5:00 PM at (800) 339-6137 or (415) 461-6137.

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